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A week into November and the weather is significantly cooler in the morning and at night. Which means that it’s time to whip out the brand new pot and stove which I had so painstakingly lugged back from Shenzhen a few weeks back.


Steamboat, hot pot, shabu-shabu, Chinese fondue or da bin lo as it is called in the Cantonese world.


A trip to the nearby supermarket, some washing and slicing, and here’s some of our perennial steamboat favourite.


Home style da bin lo set up. Complete with a pot of Chinese tea.


First time we tried a store-bought soup pack, the tea-scented broth not only looked but smelled pretty good too. Hmm…off to a promising start.


Hot pot done the Chinese way, where all the ingredients will be cooked in the broth over the course of an evening. Whoosh! and in went everything.

me and folks

As always, da bin lo is best enjoyed in the company of family and friends. What better time to start the first pot of the season with Dad and Mom in town. :)


What do you normally do with the tasty soup rich with flavour at the end? Why not add some rice, sprinkle bit of pepper and let it simmer. Add an egg or two when it starts to bubble, stirring the soup all the while until the mixture thickens to the consistency of porridge. Serve piping hot with some coriander. Here you have a nice bowl of zousui (雑炊), porridge cooked the Japanese way.

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