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meet Vivian


Vivian Chan 曾靖霓
born on Aug 1, 2014 at 10:24am
3.075kg; 49cm

you decided to follow your brother’s footstep. on this day, exactly 3 years and a speedy labour later, you entered the world. we are so smitten by you. your big brother adores you. we love you sweet baby girl, thank you for coming to us. our family is now complete.


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You know what they say about being pregnant the second time round. Well, it’s mostly true.


For one, this pregnancy passes much quicker. Of course there was the usual first trimester morning sickness and a general sense of queasiness and lethargy but once out of the wood, the weeks seem to just zoom by! I find it hard to believe that at the time of writing, I’m just a month shy of the third trimester mark? *GULP* I guess when you are busy chasing after a demanding child around the house there is less time to navel gaze and daydream.

Some time during the middle of week 17, I began to feel the tiny flutters or quickening, a good 3 weeks earlier than the previous. Though contrary to the norm, I don’t find the bump significantly bigger this time at the same gestational age. I think it really popped from around week 20 and I felt and looked pregnant from then. But those much dreaded muscle and pelvic aches came way before I even reached the halfway point. Suffice to say, it hasn’t been very fun getting up and moving around these days.

Unlike the luxury of a first pregnancy when I had time to myself to just curl up with a magazine, or go for pre-natal yoga classes, I get my daily dose of exercise from sending DZ to school in his stroller. Point-to-point, it typically takes less than 15 minutes but given my current state now, I say we take about 20 minutes or so. Weather and the day’s schedule permitting, I had intended to walk at least 3 times a week but DZ is completely digging this new mode of transportation that he requested we take the stroller to school every day, well almost. ;)

From the things I’ve heard and read, well, the second child inevitably gets lesser attention, having to share with the older sibling from day one. Not only that, they also seem to have fewer pictures taken and receive lesser accolades and gifts. I also get the impression that more often than not number twos tend to have completely different personalities from the firstborns and that they also seem to “grow up faster”. It makes me really curious about the little being growing inside me now and I can’t wait to meet and get to know my number two. For a start, this pregnancy already feels a whole lot different from the last but I’ll leave the details for a separate entry.

I do hope that when my turn comes, I can find the energy, time and effort to take photos and document the various milestones of the second child, like I did for my first. To kick things off, here’s a bump shot of me 23 weeks 1 day along. :D

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Get ready world- this kid is going to be a big brother!! I am due with our second child in early August and could not be more thrilled. As a matter of fact, the siblings share the EXACT same EDD, what a happy coincidence!?!


Which means by the time Baby arrives, our little boy will be 3. Bub in belly, are you ready for this big brother? :D

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You would have been 3

DZ didi needs his daily dose of BabyTV and this is one of his and my favourite song. Whenever it comes on, we’d give each other a knowing smile, as if we share something only the two of us know about. Somehow it always remind me of you too, my angel baby. Till we meet again. :)

The world’s a surprise and it’s fun to explore
We look around us and learn more and more
The world is a wonder Nature’s surprise
The stars in the heaven, sunset and sunrise

All things have to change, they come and they go
From beginning to end all life will go on
All things have to change, they come and they go
From beginning to end all life will go on

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Taken during one of our many evening walk around the neighbourhood, here’s some photos of my little botanist examining leaves, picking up twigs and scouring the grass for ants. On our way home, we bumped into an excitable Jack Russell Terrier who was sniffing and sizing him up and down but my brave little boy was not the least bit fazed. I knew he wanted to pat the dog and after checking with the owner that it’s okay to do so, I gave him the green light to go ahead. And that really made his day I know.

Julius at play13

Just being outdoor and breathing in clean air. Life’s ordinary day to day pleasures we sometimes take for granted without realizing.

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April Baby

Date: 8 APR 2013, around two in the morning

April 20133

Travis on Day 2

Less than 24 hours after our hot date and Rosie popped! How timely!

And here is my beloved, sweet, handsome nephew Travis Lee. You’d think it’s any less emotional now that I’m a mom and second time aunt? The moment I laid eyes on him I fell in love with this tiny being.

Dearest Travis,

The day of your birth was a joyous one for the family. Everyone has been looking forward to meeting you. Gong Gong, Po Po, Da Yee and DZ gor gor went to visit you and your mommy, and we all took turns to carry and take pictures with you. DZ gor gor was mesmerised by you and couldn’t stop calling “Trevi didi”. You were only 1 day old but we love you so much already. Welcome to the clan baby.

Da Yee

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Out & About6

Summing up 365 days in 2 pictures.

I wonder when will I get tired of making this year on year photo comparison. Truth is, I really love doing it, haha!

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