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When it comes to the name game, it was pleasantly easy and straightforward process for us.


Neither a fan nor detractor of the iconic Paul Frank brand, the Dad and I had no idea this guy’s name is Julius too, when we decided to use it for our son. It sounds endearing, well at least to us(!) for a little boy, and yet strong and masculine enough for a grown up man we thought. Being an avid history buff, he was thinking more of Caesar than this world famous primate but I guess it doesn’t hurt to be associated with a monkey with the wide grin cute as this eh?

To date, we’ve received a fair share of PF merchandise and I suppose this will not be his last. Thank you Aunty CY for this Super Julius shirt! :D


Walking past the florist yesterday, these fresh cut flowers caught my eyes. Two bucks to brighten up my home, why not? Not only the blooms but the wrapper that came along brought a smile to my face.

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Breakfast the next morning. You can’t go wrong with a Nutella and banana panini, can you?


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My mother took a pic of this rare, pretty sight during her morning walk around the estate and sent it over to the family group chat in WhatsApp. These trees, according to her are called 风铃木, and have been flowering all over Singapore the past week or so. Coinciding with the cherry blossom season in Japan this year, it seems (albeit at a sweltering 33 degrees) like spring has arrived in Singapore too.

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Birthday Leftovers

Back home, these beauties lasted almost another week in the study.

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