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13 Years

Knowing each other for more than half of our lives, including 7 over years of courtship and 6 years of marriage in the coming October. Surely, this calls for a little toast?


And so we had ourselves a merry little celebration at Fat Cow while the grandparents nicely babysat that evening. Here we have Yuzu fizz sans the Champagne and Grand Marnier for the lady, and Suntory premium malt for the gentleman. Kaaaanpai~!


Starters were very refreshing momotaro “sashimi” salad in ginzer ponzu dressing and a medley of kinoko stir-fry in butter and lime. I had Grade 5 half cut 150g Saga Sirloin ( I had no idea what all these mean actually but its supposedly the leanest cut out of all the wagyu in the menu) grilled to medium well over charcoal and finished in a claypot of baked rice, seasoned with house cured salt; He had Grade 5 half cut 150g Iwate Ribeye (the gamiest cut and with the most amazing marbling, whatever that means in cow speak) grilled over binchotan charcoal, served with sudachi and salt. It was a little splurge but we purchased the Entertainer App on the recommendation of a friend and the overall savings was significant I must say.


A little sweet treat on the house to end the night on a sweet note. 13 years and many marvelous things later, you are still the one! Happy 13th Anniversary my dear.


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A last minute impulse for a hotel stay, a few clicks on Booking.com and a week later we checked into Capella at Sentosa for a 3D2N staycation. The plan was to have the little one over for the first night and have him stay over at my parents’ the following. We had a feeling it just might turn out beautifully, and we were right!


After checking-in and checking out the hotel premises, we had light afternoon tea at the hotel’s cosy library.


Post dinner activity after the grandparents left and while waiting for the rain to stop, we spent 20 minutes inside Candilicious and spent nothing, v good! He had fun, well I guess most kids do, pushing the child sized shopping cart pretending to shop like an adult.


After his first cable car ride a few months back, he had been requesting to go on one every time we pass by the area. Finally went again on the Night Rider promotion that night despite the light drizzle and he was thrilled and woke up next morning suggesting we go again!


Just a tiny bit on the hotel big bed; Face of first Yakult the next morning at breakfast.


It was between the hotel pool or the beach and our little beach boy chose the latter. And so we spent an uncharacteristically cool late morning at Palawan beach digging and mucking around. Simple fun is the best fun really.


Riding the free beach tram from Palawan to Siloso beach was an entertaining activity on its own. He insisted on standing up all the way to enjoy the sight, sound and breeze. After this, we returned to the room for his afternoon nap before Gong Gong and Poh Poh came to whisk him off to Park West happyland!


Meanwhile, it was reported that there was no love lost over the other side. Throughout his stay, he didn’t ask for us a bit! We did prep him for his first overnight stay but we were still amazed at just how seamless and effortless the whole procedure had been. So proud of you my little boy! And here are some behind the scene shots that my Park West correspondent took and sent to me. The back view of him starring at his cousin using the potty really tickled me.


As promised, he got his Yakun brekkie treat the next morning. It was such a novelty for him and he was so happy and high that he couldn’t sit still and kept the gramps on their toes pretty much the whole time.


Bath time was the only challenging bit as he refused to be showered by our helper and even Poh Poh had a hard time washing him. So much so that the 二姨 had no choice but to resort to bribery. Look at that post shower sneaky face!


From the moment the punkster left our side, we felt an unsettling sense of peace and calm. It was refreshing and welcome change not having to be constantly on the look out for trouble or possible danger but it also felt very strange to be able to both let our hair down at the same time!! We quickly got over it and reminded each other to savour every precious moment. Now that his first stay over was a success, we know we have this option as and when we need it. Thank you Gong Gong and Poh Poh for your invaluable help!

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Date: 7 APR 2013

Venue: Ruth Chris, Marina Mandarin Hotel

Occasion: Just your regular monthly couply time

Significance: It may be our “last” date for a while as Mommy will be temporarily–at least for next 3-6 months or so–unavailable for babysitting services after Rosie gives birth…

April 20132

We had wanted to try CUT by Wolfgang Puck at MBS but who knows they only open for dinner, and I suspect advance reservation required. And since we’ve been to Morton’s once, it made more sense to try another steak house and so Ruth Chris it was.

The crab cakes were delicious and chock-full of shredded crabmeat, so much so he didn’t quite like it and I overindulged. He was full of praises for his medium rare ribeye, a Ruth Chris special while I tried the cut with the least amount of fat, a petite portion filet mignon. Overall, be it food, ambience and value for money wise, my vote goes to Morton’s. Perhaps it was because I ordered it to be done medium, the filet was on the dry side. As a result, I officially declare myself to be a NY strip gal, simply because I remember it being overwhelmingly succulent from the experience at M! For someone who’s not a fan of meat in general and only started eating cow a few years back, I sound like I know a lot huh? :P

April 20131-001

Because I decided it is not worth spending twenty over bucks on steak house’s cheesecake, we hopped over to next door and treated ourselves to a pot of earl grey rooibos tea and some cherry almond crumble with vanilla ice cream.

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Couple holding hands, close-up

holding hands



old love

Gee… these images make me smile, especially the last one, how cute is that? :P

Nevermind the gnarled hands, wrinkly faces, wobbly feet and walking sticks, as along as there’s reasonably good health till the end.

Having known each other’s existence for 18 years and together for two-thirds of that, sometimes I’m still amazed at the unlikelyhood of us. To the best husband and father, thank you for 12 years of handholding. :)

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Out & About5

For the month of January, we decided to check out the F&B establishments at Sentosa Cove now that it’s much more convenient to get to places in our trusty little Honda City.

It was a weekday afternoon so the place was relatively quiet. While some restaurants are already opened for business, most are still in the midst of renovation. We strolled around aimlessly, enjoying the sea breeze and taking in the surrounding. An Italian ice cream parlour beckoned and I happily did a taste test and ordered without first checking the price! Needless to say we paid through the nose for what I must admit, 2 very delicious scoops.

We eventually settled down comfortably in the tastefully decorated Sabio by the Sea where we savoured morsels of delish Iberico ham, chorizo braised in red wine and dipped crusty bread into leftover creamy calamari white wine sauce. The many yachts docking at the marina bobbed up and down furiously as a huge storm approached while we looked on with full stomachs from where we were lounging lazily, sipping sangria and pineapple juice. A meal without food on the floor, mess on the table, sauce on the face and hair = Pure bliss = well-earned couple time!

And while we were in the vicinity, we drove around the exclusive neighbourhood and balked at mansions in all shapes, sizes and structures. Flintstone house. Greek inspired holiday home. Florida themed sunshine abode. Swanky Manhattan styled residence. Traditional British country home. Little wonder why residents here don’t bat an eyelid paying 10 bucks for gelato!

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June Dinner (Supper) Date

Not a particularly memorable evening cos it was pretty late and we were rather bushed by the time we finally got out of the house. Dinner was at 10PM, the food at KU DÉ TA forgettable and the music at its club gave me a headache. The best part of that night was prolly the pint of Stella and watching an old hippie gyrating away on the dance floor…

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When most of your meals outside is about getting through in the speediest, cleanest and least destructive manner–think an impatient food-spitting and utensils-hurling toddler– is it any surprise that all we wanna do on our dates these days is to eat slowly?

And so after a hearty dinner of chilli crab and black pepper crab at Dempsey’s Jumbo, we whisked off to City Space at Swissotel Stamford for evening drinks and some easy listening live music.

My first glass of Dom Pérignon and some Iberico ham, what a luxurious night.

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