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You’ve been asking to take the bus a lot lately and so for a change we ditched the car and took public transport to Star Vista that morning. While there, we got us an icy treat and had fun making funny faces while digging into big bowl of frozen yogurt. Before we went home, we dropped by the toy store and got a birthday gift for one of your little friend. It was almost a perfect morning except that the novelty of the train wore off on the trip back and you had a few near meltdown moments that Mommy gotta scooped you off the ground and carried you all the way home!


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west coast park

We finally headed outdoors once more after a shower came and washed much of the smokiness out of the air. Daddy was away in Hong Kong for a week and we were all feeling bored from cooping up too long at home. Auntie Sari came along and we had a hasty breakfast because you couldn’t wait to hit the sandpit. It was a joy seeing you run after the soccer ball and enjoy nature’s blessing again.

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Taken during one of our many evening walk around the neighbourhood, here’s some photos of my little botanist examining leaves, picking up twigs and scouring the grass for ants. On our way home, we bumped into an excitable Jack Russell Terrier who was sniffing and sizing him up and down but my brave little boy was not the least bit fazed. I knew he wanted to pat the dog and after checking with the owner that it’s okay to do so, I gave him the green light to go ahead. And that really made his day I know.

Julius at play13

Just being outdoor and breathing in clean air. Life’s ordinary day to day pleasures we sometimes take for granted without realizing.

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Party of 5

Being a SAHM can be a tad bit lonely, despite the fact the little one goes through zillion of phases and has tons of stunts up his sleeve to keep me constantly on my toes. But sometimes, just sometimes, it’d be nice to have a fellow Mommy, especially one like yourself who understand all the nitty gritty details that are characteristics of the life of a stay-at-home-mom, to spend a slow morning or a sleepy afternoon with.

While playgrounds is one of the best places to make Mommy friends, the demographics of most of the caregivers that hang out around my area make it somewhat challenging. Fortunately for me, I have the wonderful company of two ladies whom I never tire of meeting. Together, we planned our days and devised ways to keep these two punks occupied and entertained.

Just another ordinary Wednesday morning of coffee and toast with 婆婆, 二姨 and 璇姐姐.

Even though we are quite sick of going to the mall everyday, well almost everyday, we are also very thankful for its existance. I cannot imagine having a kid back in those mall-less days. Running errands at the well-stocked Finest, kiddy rides (no coins needed thus far) on Level 5, combing shelves after shelves at the library when its too hot to head outdoor or too late to venture too far. Clementi Mall, oh Clementi Mall, what would we do without you!

And yes, you too, Happy Willow! The ever dependable happy land and all the simple fun you bring. It’s a bonus you are but a stone throw away and that you charge reasonable rate. So, thank you, thank you!

Of course, playgrounds are still the best place to help these tikes expend their boundless energy. There are at least 8 playgrounds that are within walking distance from our block. No wonder she loves coming to 大姨’s place so much!

Swinging, running, climbing, exploring, playing at the newly opened Firefly Park.

Sometimes when we are too tired and ran out of ideas, we congregate at 婆婆’s place to eat Teowchey muay and make a concerted effort to coordinate nap time so that the adults can enjoy a cup of well-deserved afternoon tea when they are finally sound asleep…

Other times, we’d gather at my place and repeat the same routine. Here, they can be seen clamouring for a piece of the ever so popular and in high demand 婆婆 and sharing some corn cakes moments.

公公 joins us when he is back but most times, it’s just us and the kids. Childminding is made much more enjoyable because of such times like these.

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This is the same place that brought much fun and laughter to the four of us. The beauty of coming from a big family–with only 7 years gap between the eldest and the youngest child–is that we are also one another best play mates.

My mom would keep an eye on us as we played tag, dodgeball, built sandcastles, fought and made peace amongst ourselves. And even though the original sand pit, see-saw and classic swing are long gone and in its place now a childproof but soulless modern play zone, happy memories linger on and newer ones are being formed…

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