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Christmas Morning 2013


The customary family shot, as well as a compulsory solo pic of DZ in his jammies on Christmas morning. These pics are my way of documenting his year-on-year growth. I asked him to stand next to the tree for a shot but he decided that he wanted to sit on the console instead. Talk about growing up and having a mind of their own! He was also quick in obliging me with a somewhat forced smile as he knew it was the fastest way he could lay his hands on the presents..


Here he is totally engrossed in the book “Misty Island Rescue”, his favourite story from Thomas and Friends series. He absolutely loves this book so much we have to read it many times a day, so much so that he can even recite some of parts of the story now. So glad that a simple present like this made your day. Mommy wonders next year this time, what will your 3.5 yo self be into then? :)


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3-in-1 party

I can’t believe the first month of the year is over just like that. Somehow, January always feel ‘hazy’, like I can’t quite register the fact that we are already into a new year and before I knew it, it’s February and things pick up speed further with the preparation and anticipation of Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and so on and so forth.

Anyway, some pictures from January’s family event:


A Happy Birthday, Happy “Housewarming” and Happy New Year Party!


Because Dad will not be in town on his actual birthday, we had an early celebration in the comfort of our home where we catered dinner and spent a cosy evening together.


Poh Poh insisted that we stuck all the candles into the cake just so the two biggest littlest people in the family could blow to their hearts’ content! Of course they were totally mesmerised by the flickering lights. :)


As the wall hanging goes, “Celebrate Everything”. And since Jac and Rob and partners had yet to visit our place since it underwent a mini facelift, I thought it’d be nice to throw a little party for our revamped space.


Starting this year, we decided to start a new tradition by meeting on the first day of the year. I know as a family we probably see one another much more than the average families do, but if you ask me, a gathering on New Year’s Day with the most beloved people in the world is still the most awesomest way to kickstart the year!

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Labrador Blue. I remember very well the name of the wall colour. After all, it took 3 paint jobs before we finally decided on this.

Some four years on, with a cracked glass backsplash and a mouldy ceiling from rooftop leakage, it’s time to give this place a facelift.

While I look forward to its completion, the logistics of evacuating the flat and getting it ready for renovation work to start was quite a nightmare. As always, my ever supportive parents were there to help. My Dad the trusty driver shuttled me back and forth our places while my Mom helped to babysit.

And here’s someone having the time of his life at beloved Gong Gong Poh Poh’s place!

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Our Tree is Up!

Hello! Happy Holidays everyone! How is your Christmas preparation coming along? This year is going to be really special cos it’s my first Christmas and I am very excited about spending it with my big family.

Daddy and Mommy were doing silly dances while setting up and decorating the tree the other day. I wish I could hang some pretty ornaments but I had a lot of fun bouncing to the dazzling lights and looking on from my Bumbo chair too. I think I will be able to be part of the action next year. Heh Heh.

Also, Mommy says she is too busy taking care of me to fiddle much in the kitchen. But she promised she will fill the house with waft of sugar and cinnamon next year, and that I get to be her little helper.

Oh, and Daddy is clearing his leave now and taking every Monday and Tuesday off. Which means we get to spend lots of quality time together this year end season. Mommy is real happeeeee with this arrangement!

Btw, how do you like my Christmas-y getup? :D

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The sink’s been scrubbed; the stove thoroughly cleaned. The splashback spotless, rugs changed and the fridge emptied of most perishables.

I officially declare the kitchen closed as of today and will remain pretty much dormant during this period of time.

In the meantime, here are some of the products that came out from this place. Till we meet again!

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J is for…

Spreading over several months, what used to be the guest-storage-utility room is finally transformed into the baby room.

I had no idea what came over me when I bought the bright red sofa bed. It looks totally out of place in light of the whole apartment decor and colour scheme. The chairs and coffee table were from our HK days and had been parked conveniently in the room until now.

To lighten the colour and mood in the room, I bought the chest of drawers in white and gave the spunky sofa bed a face-lift by putting a neutral-floral set of sheets over it. We also settled for a “nature” theme by putting up a preloved animal collage, lanterns with butterfly motifs (I recycled the ones from Mother’s Day BBQ :P), and a tiny potted plant.

The moses basket is on loan from a friend (thanks XT!) and hopefully baby will like napping in it during the day time until he outgrows it. If you are wondering where is the baby cot, he will be sleeping with us in our bedroom at night.

And ta-da! It may not be the most elaborate nursery but this place is now set to welcome its little Master home. :)

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Girls’ Only Party

In Ros’ words, we had ourselves a little joshikai (女子会) at my place yesterday.

She brought gu-chai kueh and soon keuh from my favourite stall at Bedok market, Caihui contributed a light fruit cake while I served up a pot of chocolate fondue over coffee and tea. We had a most delightful time catching up.

It’s been some five years or so since we went our separate ways. We may be at various life stages, pursuing vastly different things, but that afternoon we were all back on the same page. It doesn’t matter we don’t get to meet that often, I’m just glad we kept in touch all this while.

Thank you my lovelies for dropping by. You don’t know how much I appreciate your sweet gesture. Hopefully Yen Ling can join us the next time. :)

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