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A last minute impulse for a hotel stay, a few clicks on Booking.com and a week later we checked into Capella at Sentosa for a 3D2N staycation. The plan was to have the little one over for the first night and have him stay over at my parents’ the following. We had a feeling it just might turn out beautifully, and we were right!


After checking-in and checking out the hotel premises, we had light afternoon tea at the hotel’s cosy library.


Post dinner activity after the grandparents left and while waiting for the rain to stop, we spent 20 minutes inside Candilicious and spent nothing, v good! He had fun, well I guess most kids do, pushing the child sized shopping cart pretending to shop like an adult.


After his first cable car ride a few months back, he had been requesting to go on one every time we pass by the area. Finally went again on the Night Rider promotion that night despite the light drizzle and he was thrilled and woke up next morning suggesting we go again!


Just a tiny bit on the hotel big bed; Face of first Yakult the next morning at breakfast.


It was between the hotel pool or the beach and our little beach boy chose the latter. And so we spent an uncharacteristically cool late morning at Palawan beach digging and mucking around. Simple fun is the best fun really.


Riding the free beach tram from Palawan to Siloso beach was an entertaining activity on its own. He insisted on standing up all the way to enjoy the sight, sound and breeze. After this, we returned to the room for his afternoon nap before Gong Gong and Poh Poh came to whisk him off to Park West happyland!


Meanwhile, it was reported that there was no love lost over the other side. Throughout his stay, he didn’t ask for us a bit! We did prep him for his first overnight stay but we were still amazed at just how seamless and effortless the whole procedure had been. So proud of you my little boy! And here are some behind the scene shots that my Park West correspondent took and sent to me. The back view of him starring at his cousin using the potty really tickled me.


As promised, he got his Yakun brekkie treat the next morning. It was such a novelty for him and he was so happy and high that he couldn’t sit still and kept the gramps on their toes pretty much the whole time.


Bath time was the only challenging bit as he refused to be showered by our helper and even Poh Poh had a hard time washing him. So much so that the 二姨 had no choice but to resort to bribery. Look at that post shower sneaky face!


From the moment the punkster left our side, we felt an unsettling sense of peace and calm. It was refreshing and welcome change not having to be constantly on the look out for trouble or possible danger but it also felt very strange to be able to both let our hair down at the same time!! We quickly got over it and reminded each other to savour every precious moment. Now that his first stay over was a success, we know we have this option as and when we need it. Thank you Gong Gong and Poh Poh for your invaluable help!


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The whole of last week had been incredibly hazy. On Wednesday, the PSI reached an unhealthy high 300s and we couldn’t head outdoors for our usual activities. In fact, the air quality was so poor that we stayed home for THREE consecutive days, a huge deal if you’ve ever spend an entire day with a high energy, short attention span and super mobile toddler before. Just how do you keep them meaningfully occupied for 72 hours without going stir crazy yourself?

hazed in

We indulged in his all time favourite activity– PAINTING. We painted on the easel stand and inside the bathroom, and experimented with watercolour paint. My stash of craft supplies from Art Friend came in handy and we did really simple craft work like cutting and pasting colour vinyl tapes on pieces of paper. In between, he “helped” out with household chores. His ongoing unexplainable love for our vacuum cleaner also ensured hours of fun fiddling with its various buttons. Ah yes, unfortunately when it comes to combating cabin fever, the TV became an ally too.


So the kid may not be able to head outside but that didn’t stop the Dad from getting hold of 2 tickets for the movie Man of Steel. On Friday after we put him to bed at 8:30 in the evening, we masked up and sneaked out for a well earned respite.

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