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Days of Three.

I’ve always find it hard to relate when a fellow mother confesses if they could ever love another child as much as they love their firstborn. I can understand the intricacies of such emotions but I’ve never once doubt that I would feel any lesser for my second child, believing that our heart is capable of a lot more love than we can ever imagine.

That having said, I remember feeling sappy towards the end of my pregnancy. For three years, this was what had been. A little boy and his Daddy and Mommy. I hope I remember these days, this family of three. Not to mourn its loss but to treasure what it was.






I attribute it to all the walking in those wedge heels. Taken on the evening of 30 July, this simple shoot was done in about an hour. The next morning I woke up to my first “show” that kickstarted labour and 24 hours or less later, we welcomed our daughter into the world and begun a new chapter in our lives as a family of four.


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Happy Weekend

8-9 MARCH 2014


Just another Saturday morning at West Coast Park digging around, eating apples, swinging and lunch of mee goreng and teh tarik. Simplicity is best.


On Sunday, instead of the usual outdoor activity at the garden or park, we ventured to the “countryside” of Sungei Tengah where we spent the late morning admiring colourful ornamental fishes and trying out the various activities available at the Agro-Education Centre.


He had a great time feeding the numerous koi in the koi pond with the bag of pellets which we bought on site for $1.


Next up, the boys had a go at “longkang” fishing. For $6, we were given a small tank and fishing net to scoop as many fishes as we possibly can in 30 minutes. “What an easy task!” scoffed the Papa as he proceeded to roll up his sleeves and claimed that he would catch bunches in no time. Unfortunately, the first fish he caught was a dead fish… Not wanting to disappoint an eager faced sonny, he pranced and splashed around frantically for the next half hour. All drenched, he emerged with 6 only to be told that everyone received a consolatory small bagful of fishes at the end?!? LOL… Good effort nonetheless Daddy, it was good workout alright!


All sweating and red faced, here’s my little kampong boy having a go at catching the fish on his own…


We were told that there isn’t any places nearby for lunch after we were done. A lucky thing I thought to pack his lunch along. We took a break at the small canteen while he munched on his sandwich, muesli and fruit smoothie. And then it was the usual routine of rushing home for his shower and afternoon nap.


Jumping out of bed to check on his catch immediately after waking up from nap. By then, one fish had sunk to the bottom of the tank and by the following morning there was only one tiny one left darting about in the water.

DZ: What happened to my fish?
Daddy: Oh, the fishes die.. Papa will buy an air pump tomorrow for you okay so the fish can live longer..
DZ: Ok *nod*

But before Papa had a chance to get one, the last fishy standing was dead by the next morning. The Papa looked more sad actually while DZ simply asked “what happened to my fish” repeatedly for the next few days and answered himself in a matter-of-fact tone “my fish die”.

I don’t think he understand what went on but the fish episode is also his first introduction to the matter of life and death…


In the evening, we went to Sentosa Cove for more swinging and scooting before ending the weekend with a nice meal at Brussels Sprouts. We ordered a pint and virgin Mojito, a starter size pot of mussels that came with free flow fries and a main of stewed beef that entitled the kiddo to dine free. After eating his spaghetti dutifully, he was allowed to indulge in some fries and liberal amount of ketchup, though the icing on the cake was without a doubt the scoop of chocolate ice cream that came at the end. :)

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New park and playground discovered! Less than 15 mins drive from Clementi, I wonder what took us so long to visit the tranquil and beautiful Jurong Lake Park. Gonna be a regular haunt from now.






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