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a 2013 roundup

2013 was not unlike any other year, with its fair share of challenges, surprises, up and down moments: We grappled with the MIL issues in the early part of the year; new addition of our nephew to the ever growing clan, made the decision to hire a helper in May; the hubby had a job change in June; celebrated more milestones as a family; celebrated my parents 35th year wedding anniversary in September, two overseas trip to Okinawa and Sydney in March and October respectively, and a pleasant but somewhat unexpected finale to top off the year. What can I say? I am thankful for everything big and small that came my way and I pray for the continued good health and safety for all my loved ones in the new year ahead.

In other news, these were some of the non-festive activities we did before 2014 rolls around:


From cot to daybed: moving out of his cot to big boy bed at 28 months. Yet another milestone under the belt.


He had a swell time playing carpenter and helping Daddy “fixed” his new piece of furniture. These days, he typically goes to bed around 9 plus at night and wakes anytime between 4 to 5 in the early morning for a bottle of milk, which is when Daddy or Mommy, depending on who is on duty, will crawl into his bed for some snuggly co-sleeping till he wakes again at around 7:30AM. Because the existing 5 yo super single sofa bed was becoming quite a squeeze for our early morning ritual, I went for a double bed from IKEA which is more spacious but still smaller than a regular queen sized bed so as not to take up too much space in the room. As for the cot, I was hard-pressed for a storage solution when it occurred to me to convert it into a daybed and leave it in his room as a cosy nook for him to lounge. He loves it and calls it “DZ’s sofa”. It has since become our special bedtime story corner now.


First visit to the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay. Both father and son were not quite horticulturist material, both were equally oblivious to the shrubs and blooms all around. Not surprisingly we were done in less than 45 minutes…




His favourite moments were of course mucking around with Poh Poh who gamely agreed to our impromptu invitation that late morning. Lunch was at Verandah which serves surprisingly nice local delights, which we all ordered after over feasting on western fare during Christmas season.


A few days later, we found ourselves back at the garden but this time we parked at Marina Barrage and strolled down the connecting path. He had been scooting on and off but didn’t display much interest or enthusiasm. That day, we offered him the scooter once more and this time round he took to it almost like fish to water.


Perhaps it was the great weather that evening, and the spacious walkway that made it easy for him to manoeuvre. There was no special coaching or verbal instructions, he simply experimented on his own and by the end of the session, he could glide and stop rather effortlessly. Little achievement like these makes my heart swell with pride and reminds me how my little boy is growing up and becoming more and more independent day by day. *wipes away an emo teardrop or two…*


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July, a time for some mid year stock-taking, a second chance to right all the wrongs of the past 6 months. July, your birthday month and a curation of your favourite things. And they say, the world is your oyster.

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At the Airport


Throughout the week, he’d ask for Papa in the morning and evening, presumably because he is always up to see Daddy off to work and around to receive him when back. I told him day after day that Papa is working in an office in Hong Kong and he’d stop asking there and then, as if he comprehend what it really meant.

I told him on Sunday morning that we will go to the airport after his nap to fetch Daddy. He nodded and repeated “airport, fei1 ji1, Papa” much to my surprise. We got there an hour earlier and hang out at T3 basement while waiting for the flight to land. Intermittently, he’d repeat “airport, fei1 ji1, Papa”.

Finally we were waiting outside belt 43 at the arrival hall and out came Papa waving franticallly and looking very pleased to see his little guy once more. And I’ve never seen little guy behaved quite like that before. He pointed at Papa, turned to look at me as if he couldn’t quite believe his eyes, before breaking out into the widest grin ever. And he proceeded to welcome Papa home with outstretched hands and a long and big bear hug.

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3 lovely orangey yellow chrysanthemums I picked up at the market last week and a treasured photo of the 4 of us and our Dad taken in year 1988, the last year we spent life as a family in KL, the last time I wore the navy blue pinafore. Thank you Daddy for making THE decision that changed our lives.

With the new helper here for almost a month now, and quite a capable one I must add, still I can’t seem to find the time, or rather the energy to update more. Tons of pictures waiting to be given meaning, jumbled up thoughts to pen down.

Now, if only June (and July and August and September and……) can stay bacteria and virus and germs and PMS free, PLEASEEEEEE?

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May Day


A brand new month and a brand new display. Carnations because Mother’s Day is just round the corner, a collection of some of my favourite small vases and a big wooden heart I got for last year’s Christmas collection.

May has always been a busy month and this year’s no exception: Mom’s birthday, Travis’ full month, Mother’s Day, Robin’s birthday. Throw in a few playdates and other socials, and a new helper coming in two weeks time, that’s plenty going on.

April wasn’t exactly breezy on the home front with limited resources and MIL issues to handle. Fingers crossed that May will be better.

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Bamboo plants blossoming beautifully, dainty toothpick holders doubling up as mini flower vase and a traditional Okinawan door guardian that I picked up while holidaying there– current display on the bookshelf facing the front door– also my favourite little corner in our home.

And April rolls around once more. Where has all the time gone?

APRIL, new job, new dreams, new baby. Exciting times ahead indeed.

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Couple holding hands, close-up

holding hands



old love

Gee… these images make me smile, especially the last one, how cute is that? :P

Nevermind the gnarled hands, wrinkly faces, wobbly feet and walking sticks, as along as there’s reasonably good health till the end.

Having known each other’s existence for 18 years and together for two-thirds of that, sometimes I’m still amazed at the unlikelyhood of us. To the best husband and father, thank you for 12 years of handholding. :)

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