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Happy Weekend

8-9 MARCH 2014


Just another Saturday morning at West Coast Park digging around, eating apples, swinging and lunch of mee goreng and teh tarik. Simplicity is best.


On Sunday, instead of the usual outdoor activity at the garden or park, we ventured to the “countryside” of Sungei Tengah where we spent the late morning admiring colourful ornamental fishes and trying out the various activities available at the Agro-Education Centre.


He had a great time feeding the numerous koi in the koi pond with the bag of pellets which we bought on site for $1.


Next up, the boys had a go at “longkang” fishing. For $6, we were given a small tank and fishing net to scoop as many fishes as we possibly can in 30 minutes. “What an easy task!” scoffed the Papa as he proceeded to roll up his sleeves and claimed that he would catch bunches in no time. Unfortunately, the first fish he caught was a dead fish… Not wanting to disappoint an eager faced sonny, he pranced and splashed around frantically for the next half hour. All drenched, he emerged with 6 only to be told that everyone received a consolatory small bagful of fishes at the end?!? LOL… Good effort nonetheless Daddy, it was good workout alright!


All sweating and red faced, here’s my little kampong boy having a go at catching the fish on his own…


We were told that there isn’t any places nearby for lunch after we were done. A lucky thing I thought to pack his lunch along. We took a break at the small canteen while he munched on his sandwich, muesli and fruit smoothie. And then it was the usual routine of rushing home for his shower and afternoon nap.


Jumping out of bed to check on his catch immediately after waking up from nap. By then, one fish had sunk to the bottom of the tank and by the following morning there was only one tiny one left darting about in the water.

DZ: What happened to my fish?
Daddy: Oh, the fishes die.. Papa will buy an air pump tomorrow for you okay so the fish can live longer..
DZ: Ok *nod*

But before Papa had a chance to get one, the last fishy standing was dead by the next morning. The Papa looked more sad actually while DZ simply asked “what happened to my fish” repeatedly for the next few days and answered himself in a matter-of-fact tone “my fish die”.

I don’t think he understand what went on but the fish episode is also his first introduction to the matter of life and death…


In the evening, we went to Sentosa Cove for more swinging and scooting before ending the weekend with a nice meal at Brussels Sprouts. We ordered a pint and virgin Mojito, a starter size pot of mussels that came with free flow fries and a main of stewed beef that entitled the kiddo to dine free. After eating his spaghetti dutifully, he was allowed to indulge in some fries and liberal amount of ketchup, though the icing on the cake was without a doubt the scoop of chocolate ice cream that came at the end. :)


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New park and playground discovered! Less than 15 mins drive from Clementi, I wonder what took us so long to visit the tranquil and beautiful Jurong Lake Park. Gonna be a regular haunt from now.






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Bunny Babies

It feels like yesterday that I first met these bunch of mothers hailing from Taiwan, of which one of them is my neighbour who stays just the next block from us. We often bumped into each other in the evening when out walking our kids (yes, it really isn’t much different from doggies needing their daily walk :p). Our kids are both “rabbits” and we are “sheeps” and sahms so naturally there isn’t a shortage of conversation topics. Before long we exchanged numbers and started hanging out together.

Looking after a young child in a foreign land with not much family support, Phoebe got to know other Taiwanese mothers in similar circumstance. Most of them married Singaporean men so going back to Taiwan is not quite an option for them. They get together often with their little ones, exchanging notes on anything and everything.

They’d lament local practices they do not understand about their adopted home country. They’d make comparisons between Taiwan and Singapore and acknowledge little things they’ve come to appreciate about the latter. Most times they gather to quell one another’s loneliness and homesickness, sharing good food and stories whenever they meet.

They are also very resourceful when it comes to looking for activities to engage the kids. To date, we’ve been to various museums, parks, indoor play gyms, outdoor playgrounds, home play dates, you name it. Last December, we even had a “graduation” ceremony to celebrate the coming of a new era when our children finally reached preschool going age and the mommies regained some semblance of life with the new found morning freedom after sending them off to school. We still meet regularly for a fortnightly organized playgroup as well as some other ad hoc activities now, as well as the occasional and luxurious kids free coffee morning.

Meeting my neighbour and her kid has certainly been a lifesaver in more ways than one. In the earlier days before school, it was a lot of companionship and easy fun. DZ is all too familiar with the group by now, and well aware that they seem to speak a different tongue from him. Hanging out with them is like an ongoing Chinese language immersion programme, not only for DZ but for myself too. Having gone to mostly Chinese schools but growing up in multi-racial and cosmopolitan Singapore, over the years I found that my grasp of the language has been on a steady downhill path. Being in the company of Chinese speaking circle has rekindle my appreciation of the language and also made me more motivated to find ways to raise DZ’s interest and proficiency level.

A sahm’s journey is rewarding and fulfilling but it can also be a lonely and alienating experience and I am grateful to have meet this group of wonderful ladies to in the process of it. Our backgrounds and personal interests may be very diverse and without our common denominators, I wonder if we would hit it off in the first place but as it is, we are one another best cheerleaders for now and for that I am glad.


Last Wednesday impromptu play date at a playground at Bukit Batok East. The entourage: 6 mommies and 7 kiddos, with 1 mommy and 2 boys missing from that day’s action…


These peeps know one another before they turned 2 and generally play well together. All born in 2011, the oldest being a February baby and youngest being my August baby.


Playground hopping. Can you spot the tiny figure amidst the tall structures?


And the little daredevil went down this- the highest slide I’ve come across thus far in a HDB playground- glee in face as emerged from the tunnel slide. *mama sweats* They all had a great time climbing the stairs and running all over the place that it was a hilarious sight to behold when most of them developed wobbly legs towards the end.


Post workout snack time. The corns I popped and drizzled with some maple syrup for him to share with his little friends was a hit that day. Together with green bean soup, sliced pears and other nice little treats that the other mommies prepared, it is little wonder why DZ enjoys hanging out with this group so much. :)

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2014 New Year’s Day

Organized by Jac, we kick-started the new year with a walk-a-brunch at Bishan Park. Now, with the exception of the Lees, we are not exactly a morning family so kudos to everyone for making the extra effort to get out of bed early that day!

We slow-walked along the meandering paths around the big park, stopping occasionally to peer into ponds and little brooks with fishes and tortoises. The kids did some simple digging around the sandpit, we took short breaks and took many pictures.

We managed to get good seats at GRUB where we enjoyed good food and the fine weather. It was a day well spent with people that matter most. I love my family! Happy New Year to all!










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Downtown Lights 2013


After finding out by chance what my Christmas buddy wanted just one day before our annual family gathering, I made desperate calls to several bookshops across the island and finally managed to secure what I believe is the last copy of the book in the whole of Singapore. We made a trip down to Kinokuniya to pick up the book after an early dinner and took the chance to take in the pretty Christmas light up along Orchard Road. We had fun taking multiple selfies with the giant tree at Taka, admiring pretty window displays and sipping hot mocha and babyccino at Starbucks.


Just a year ago, he was this 16 months old wearing an oversized sweatshirt. Dressed in the exact same top a year later, it now fits my 28 months old to a T. :)

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You’ve been asking to take the bus a lot lately and so for a change we ditched the car and took public transport to Star Vista that morning. While there, we got us an icy treat and had fun making funny faces while digging into big bowl of frozen yogurt. Before we went home, we dropped by the toy store and got a birthday gift for one of your little friend. It was almost a perfect morning except that the novelty of the train wore off on the trip back and you had a few near meltdown moments that Mommy gotta scooped you off the ground and carried you all the way home!

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west coast park

We finally headed outdoors once more after a shower came and washed much of the smokiness out of the air. Daddy was away in Hong Kong for a week and we were all feeling bored from cooping up too long at home. Auntie Sari came along and we had a hasty breakfast because you couldn’t wait to hit the sandpit. It was a joy seeing you run after the soccer ball and enjoy nature’s blessing again.

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